Can my child try one class first to see if they like it?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer trial classes as all gymnasts must be paid for to be registered and insured with British Gymnastics before taking part.

I have an older/younger sibling, can they sit quietly in the gym and watch the lesson until their lesson begins?

No. We are only permitted to have a certain amount of children in our care so sadly we cannot have the responsibility of any other children other than the gymnasts in our class.

My child seems very able, are you able to offer provisions for a more able child?

Yes. Each child can train according to their ability and should they display a natural flair for gymnastics they will be invited to attend one of our Development Squad assessments.

I don’t really want to pay out for a new leotard, can my child wear his/her old one?

No. The club uniform has been introduced as it gives the children a real sense if being part of a team and we expect every child to wear it, children all wear the same uniform when they go to school, and gym club is no different!

My child is very nervous, can I sit inside the gym and watch?

Unfortunately we cannot have parents inside the gym due to insurance purposes but please rest assured that as Mum’s ourselves, both having had clingy children that we are very kind and patient with these children. We often find distraction is the cure and nothing seems to put a smile on their face more than the announcement that we have a new helper, and once they’ve followed us around completing chores like the register etc the thought of Mum has gone and they suddenly join in!

Do we receive any kind of written report or feedback?

We cannot provide parents with written reports, however we’re sure you’ll get a great idea of exactly what your child has been learning as they’ll probably use your furniture to practise! If you have any concerns at any time please do feel that you can come and talk to their coach.